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Our Sand, Stone & Gravel category includes a wide range of aggregates, perfect for creating solid foundations or enhancing landscaping projects.

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  • Bankrun Sand

    Bankrun Sand

    • Natural mixture from riverbanks – including sand, silt, clay and larger aggregates.
    • Ideal for forming a base for roads.
    • Great for filling utility trenches and other groundwork.
    • Provides a solid foundation for driveways and walkways.
    • Reliable and robust, perfect for heavy-duty applications.
  • Concrete Sand

    Concrete sand is a coarse sand typically composed of crushed rock or gravel. It is used in the production of concrete and is also used as a base for pavers and other masonry units. It is also used in the construction of golf courses, playgrounds, and other recreational areas.

    • Vital component in many types of concrete.
    • Features coarse granulated particles for improved strength.
    • Enhances durability of the concrete mix.
    • Suitable for large-scale constructions and DIY projects.
    • Ensures a robust, well-binding concrete mix.
  • Crushed bluestone

    Crushed Bluestone

    • Crushed bluestone is a versatile, neutral-colored rock
    • Perfect for most landscape design applications
    • Gardens, pathways, driveways and drainage
    • Pipe bedding, roofing material, concrete slab
  • Masonry Sand

    Mason sand is a fine sand used in masonry applications such as brick and stone laying, mortar mixing, and other construction projects. It is a finer grade of sand than coarse concrete sand and is often mixed with cement to make mortar for laying bricks and stones.

    • Infill between cracks of pavers
    • Paver Base 
    • Beach Sand
    • Sandbox Material
    • Leveling Agent 
    • Raw material used in mortar 
    • Cesspool or Stormwater system backfill 
    • Drainage purposes
  • Natural Gravel

    • Decorative hardscapes, landscaping, and functional purposes 
    • Beautiful accent and natural appeal 
    • Driveways, footpaths, roof material
    • Rock gardens, play areas and water features.
    • Northeast washed gravel variety of sizes
    • Added overtop of landscape fabric to prevent weed from growing
  • Recycled aggregate

    Recycling Aggregates

    • Reused for pavement construction
    • Pavement layers, compacting base material
    • Driveways, sidewalks, pathways 
    • Gain traction in muddy terrain,  construction road access  
    • Stone alternative w/ approval
    • Drainage 
    • Sustainable and eco-conscious choice.
    • Suited for various construction uses.
    • Contributes to reducing construction waste.
    • Durable and reliable in numerous applications.
  • Red stone

    Red Stone

    • Beautiful decorative stone for landscape areas
    • Great appeal for driveways, walkways, gravel patios
    •  Garden bed aesthetic appeal, compliments flowers, plantings, shrubs
    • Added overtop of Landscape fabric to prevent weed from growing
    • Adds a vibrant touch to landscapes.
    • Versatile for both rustic and modern designs.
    • Durable for various construction needs.
    • Perfect for enhancing visual appeal.
  • Rip Rap Stone used as a shore

    Rip Rap Stone

    • Large angular stones used to protect soil surface against erosion.
    • Used in terrain of stormwater or shorelines 
    • Placed along shorelines, bridge foundations, steep slopes, runoff trenches
    • Robust and durable in nature.
    • Versatile use in landscaping and construction.
    • Offers structural protection in various settings.
  • River gravel stone River gravel

    River Gravel

    • Decorative landscape adding natural setting 
    • Drainage and erosion control 
    • Garden bed aesthetic appeal, compliments flowers, plantings, shrubs
    • Added overtop of Landscape fabric to prevent weed from growing
    • Provides natural aesthetics for landscape projects.
    • Sourced from river beds.
    • Versatile in its applications.
    • Complements pathways, driveways, and other decorative elements.
  • Screened fill used in landscaping and as infill

    Screened Fill

    • High quality fill dirt, Screened to variable sizes
    • Ideal for levelling your lawn or yard
    • Filling holes or low areas to prepare for 4-6 inch layer of topsoil and grass seed
    • Compacting dirt build up grade
    • Foundation drainage, filling in tree roots, retaining walls
    • Provides solid and stable foundation.
    • Cost-effective choice for construction or landscaping.
    • Ensures longevity of structures.
    • Versatile use in numerous projects.
  • Wallstone / Fieldstone

    Wallstone is a type of masonry material used to construct walls, pathways, and other structures. It is often used to create retaining walls, garden walls, and other outdoor structures. Wallstone can also be used to create decorative features such as fire pits, outdoor kitchens, and water features.

    • Suitable for vertical purposes “variable sizes”
    • Garden stacked walls
    • Masonry retaining walls
    • Natural stone used for veneer
    • Building stone
  • White stone

    White Stone / Marble Chip

    White stone / marble chip is often used as a decorative element in landscaping and gardens.

    • Crushed white stone is dazzling in the sunlight
    • Edging around flower beds, gardens, trees, and shrubs
    • Decorative hardscape walkways, driveways, roof material
    • Gorgeous landscape addition
    • Added overtop of landscape fabric to prevent weed from growing

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