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  • Concrete expansion joint packs stacked up Concrete expansion joint packs stacked up

    Concrete Expansion Joints

    • Concrete Expansion joints in a concrete slab prevent cracking and buckling 
    • Expansion joints prevent damage to the slab due to temperature change
    • Important when laying consecutive concrete pours
    • Used in areas concrete bordered by walls or buildings 
    • Incorporated in areas where cast iron products are implemented
  • Concrete Wire

    • Buildings, homes, foundations 
    • Concrete wire provides durable reinforcements to prevent breaking or cracking under load and environmental conditions
  • Rebar

    • Reinforcing rebar used in structural concrete 
    • Buildings, homes, foundations 
    • Cutting and bending rebar is available upon request at our facility
    • Rebar wire ties available in store
  • Roll of tar paper Roll of tar paper for roofing

    Tar Paper

    • Underlayment for stucco
    • Roofing protect sheathing, and wood framing  
    • Interior floor protection for construction and ceramic tile 
    • Underlayment for exterior shingles – exterior walls 
    • Tar paper is water repellent used as a weather barrier
    • Acts as a barrier against moisture.
    • Essential in roofing applications.
    • Inexpensive yet effective.
    • Protects roofs from water and wind damages.
  • A sheet of wire lath used for paster projects

    Wire lath

    • Wire lath used for stucco, walls and tile floors

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